Production Details

All products have been designed as small, wearable works of art. They are hand-painted and hand-embroidered.
The basic material I used for my products is silk. The threads used for the embroidery are also made of silk and they come from Soufli, Greece, which is considered one of the best sources of silk in the world. Decorative elements include Swarovski crystals and wood.
The gossamer I am working with constitutes one of the most difficult fabrics to use and, as a result, it should be treated gently and with patience when it comes to sewing, knitting and embroidering it. It is understood then that every piece is unique and it is made with passion and great enthusiasm. Consequently, each and every one of them takes up an individual amount of time to be made.
The boxes used to pack them are handmade too.

The paints used in the designs come from Germany and the manufacturing company has received the following quality certificates, ISO 900I: Quality Management System and ISO 1400I Environmental Management System.

Washing Instructions:
All clothes to be washed by hand with a small amount of softener. Washing silk fabrics by rubbing the garments against themselves is not advised, just rinse clean. Next, hang them spaciously to dry without using pegs or any other clipping tools.
It is advisable to refrain from soaking all Swarovski crystals marked as being ‘attached’ on the garments. It is recommended that these garments are dry-cleaned instead.
All Swarovski crystals marked as being ‘embroidered’ can be normally soaked in water and washed. It is advised that these clothes are washed by hand according to the above-mentioned instructions.