The Rebirth of Goddess Innana

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In this wearable work of art, the painting illustrated on the back shows the pregnancy of goddess Innana along with her anticipation of her “rebirth”. This anticipation shows the inner rebirth that has to take place in order for her to become stronger and wiser.
The kaftan is made of silk and is hand-painted. This is another unique concept, inspired by the events of the designer’s real life who painted the silk fabric with extra care since the type of silk used is gossamer and it requires special handling. Subsequently, it was patiently embroidered with silk threads produced in Soufli, the Greek silk town. The neckline is made from colorful bamboo and it is embellished with Swarovski crystals. At the bottom the dress is embellished with fringes from bamboo yarn.

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100% Silk Muslin


Hand-painted silk


Hand-knit Neckline

Swarovski Crystals:


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