My Inspiration

Inanna was the ancient Sumerian goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, justice, and political power. She was the “queen of Heavens”, according to the Sumerian myths. She marries a mortal king on Earth and gets overpowered by human emotions: lust, love, jealousy, ecstasy. Driven by her emotions, she embarks on a dangerous adventure in the ‘Underworld’, only to manage to return safer and wiser than before.
“Inanna is the incarnation of female nature. Her lust, her willingness to search deep within her soul, her ability to survive all adversities and become stronger… Her spirit is restless, she is strong enough to sink to the bottom and be reborn.
I detected certain similarities between the goddess Inanna’s course of life and the quest I had begun. I was inspired by the goddess and so, I started to construct my own myth. Next, I anagrammed the Sumerian’s goddess name from Inanna into Innana, added my personal elements and now I am ready to tell my own story through fashion and art. For my logo, I selected an illustration of my own eye, wishing to emphasize my own point of view.
In an abstract way of thinking, the white canvas conveys my inner thoughts and my real feelings. It helps me communicate with my soul and proceed to a unification of mind and soul. The moment I start painting, I feel like I experience an inner journey which takes me to the dark side of myself. This is what I call “my underworld”! These small paintings are the redemption of my truth. It is through them that I can see the light and the dark sides of the real me. Then, I try to accept and love myself just the way I am. The old self dies and another one arises, a woman stronger and more mature than ever. That woman identifies herself as my brand’s goddess Innana, or, in other words, as me.
The female nature is complicated and hard to interpret, and that is largely because there is this constant tendency of falling on the ground and looking for supporting material that will help us rise again. Inanna’s myth is familiar to all women. That is, I believe, a ‘circle’ that all of us women fall into periodically in our lives. Therefore, I wanted to openly share it with all women through these small pieces of art.
Today, on my silk canvas, I describe each and every unique quest of my life. It all requires boldness and, most of all, knowledge of oneself. The entire philosophy behind my company is based upon those principles.