My Myth

I was born in the kingdom of skies. They told me that this is my home and it is my duty to serve it. My path was predestined within the limits that others had set for me. That was until the day I stopped and wondered: what do I really want? I tried to answer the question by defining who I am, but I realized I did not know my limits. And then I got lost…

I landed abruptly on Earth and there… a white canvas was set up, patiently waiting, so that the pages of my inward journey would be written… a journey of self-exploration.

The colors are vivid, the motions are vigorous and a war takes place among feelings. It’s the dance of Inanna!

This is an innate quest and its ultimate purpose is to reach the sanctuary of my soul; to observe myself, to learn all about me and love me. Until I rise again on Earth, feeling more mature and ready to choose my own bright path.

I am a woman…

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