The Beginning

On August 25th 2013, while celebrating my birthday, I decided to radically change my life. A remarkable thing that was born that day, the same day I was born, was my first ‘child’: the fashion brand ‘Innana’. But how did it all start?

That day, I sat by the sea and started asking myself some questions. I was trying to figure out whether the choices I’ve made up until that point were actually leading me to the life I was craving for. It took me a while to realize that I couldn’t be any further from that ideal! And that got me mad! I decided to join my brother and go skydiving. I wanted to clear my head and escape my fears, all of them somehow connected to my fear of enjoying life! I guess everyone can find a way out of their problems, right? The fact that I had to step out of my comfort zone, as well as the strong wind that was blowing that day, made me feel like I went through a massively successful therapy session. It’s kind of a weird way to solve one’s problems, don’t you think? You should try it and see for yourself that it actually works! Doing this, I reminded myself that courage is everything, as is the perspective from which you view things! The following day, feeling more relieved, I set a goal to change everything in my life. If I wanted to get what I was craving for, I would have to be brutally honest and take things in hand.
Being the daughter of a painter, my first reaction was to use instinctively the means I had at my disposal ever since I was a baby: a white canvas and colors. I set my own canvas trying to express my feelings through painting, in order to tell my own version of truth, thus preparing myself for a journey; an inward journey that would lead me to the deepest corners of my soul.
I was amazed when this procedure actually brought me to the clothing manufacturing business, as it subsequently happened; that was something I had never thought about before. Everything arose from my need to express myself. I got huge pieces of white fabric and I began translating all these feelings and conflicts into designs. Essentially, I found my own language in order to openly write about what I considered to be my version of ‘truth’ about life in general. At the end, I felt so relieved and happy; I was getting out of this journey feeling more and more mature.
When I started wearing these clothes in public, I realized that more and more women would ask me about them. The fact that something carrying my own code of communication printed on it was appealing to other women felt really great. It made me want to share this feeling with even more women. So I decided to use silk as my exclusive fabric and I started painting each and every one of my fabrics, essentially expressing my feelings. These pieces of fabric were my way of contacting all these women out there.
In the end, there’s always a bit of magic that makes you do certain things, and you cannot foresee the results that will come out of every brave action. In my case, that journey resulted in me using my paintings to envision and create scarves and, a little later, clothes.
Now that my brand is all set, I wake up every day and I use my little golden key to unlock the door of Innana’s world and enter. The moment I step in, I may experience all sorts of feelings, from sadness to joy. It’s an amazing adventure and I don’t know where it might lead me to but, it’s my entire life”.